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For the first time, there is a wireless alternative for Christian and conservative business owners who wish to align their business spending with companies that share their values and beliefs. Patriot Mobile is a mission-driven company, relentlessly fighting to preserve our God-given constitutional rights and freedoms.

Special Offer

Simply add 5 business lines with us and use the promo code FSWIFI at the time of purchase to claim your free Patriot Puck Hotspot.

Exclusive Freedom Square Promotion from Patriot Mobile! Special Offer for Businesses: Add 5 Business Lines and Receive a Free Patriot Puck HotspotIn our ongoing commitment to support American businesses across the nation, Patriot Mobile is excited to announce an exclusive Freedom Square Promotion! What’s the Offer?Get a Free Patriot Puck: When you add 5 business lines with Patriot Mobile, you’ll get a complimentary Patriot Puck, a portable 4G LTE hotspot. It's the perfect solution for keeping your team connected, whether in the office or on the go. Why Choose Patriot Mobile for Your Business?Patriot Mobile stands as America's ONLY Christian conservative wireless service provider, dedicated to defending our God-given constitutional rights and freedom. We offer a range of mobile services leveraging nationwide 4G and 5G LTE networks, ensuring reliable and high-quality communication for our customers. Our commitment extends beyond providing excellent mobile services; we actively support and donate to causes that uphold Christian conservative values. By choosing Patriot Mobile, customers not only enjoy exceptional wireless services but also contribute to a greater cause that resonates with their beliefs. Join us in our mission to mobilize freedom—one phone, one plan, one community at a time.

How to Participate?Use promo code FSWIFI: Simply add 5 business lines with us and use the promo code FSWIFI at the time of purchase to claim your free Patriot Puck.This offer is perfect for businesses looking to expand their mobile capabilities and enhance their on-site connectivity. Terms & Conditions:Eligibility: This promotion is available for businesses adding new lines of service with Patriot Mobile.Limited Time Offer: Act now! This exclusive promotion is available for a limited period. One Puck Per Business: Each qualifying business is eligible to receive one free Patriot Puck under this promotion. Ready to Upgrade Your Business Connectivity?Empower your business with reliable, high-speed mobile service and the added benefit of a portable Wi-Fi solution. Contact Patriot Mobile today at 972-PATRIOT and mention promo code FSWIFI to take advantage of the Freedom Square Promotion.

 When you run in debt, you give to another power over your liberty”

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