The economic information released this week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the policies signed by executive order border on insanity. If George Orwell was alive today and dropped in to see how things are, he may ask for directions back to the United States. He surely would be confused by the assault on freedom under the niceties of compromise.

I could only imagine he would have thought he was on the “planet of fruits and nuts” or living in a scene from his book “Animal farm”. We are definitely living among the fruits and nuts. Let’s hope we do not go all in on Animal Farm.

 Industrial production falls flat in April…Total industrial production was unchanged month-over-month in April following a downwardly revised 0.1% (from 0.4%) in March. What does it mean - The key takeaway from the report is a lower or slower growth outlook. Weakness in manufacturing output goes hand-in-hand with a weaker economy. April nonfarm payrolls increased a smaller-than-expected…Big government keeps adding salt to the wound and tells you, “That all is good, and our economy has never been better.” What does it mean – Reality is more weakness. Nonfarm payrolls increased smaller-than-expected at 175,000, average hourly earnings were up smaller-than-expected at 0.2%, the unemployment rate was up a higher-than-expected 3.9%, and the average workweek was a smaller-than-expected 34.3 hours. The labor market is going the wrong way. 54% of immigrants, legal or illegal, who have arrived since 2022 are unemployed…According to the latest report issued by The Center for Immigration Studies.What does it mean – Only 46% of immigrants are working. According to our esteemed White House economic team, we have a thriving job market and very low unemployment. Yet, the data above and for some time now, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics contradicts the need or desire by businesses for more workers (legal or illegal). Let’s be real. We know the Koch brothers, Google, Face Book, and a myriad of industries loves it’s cheap labor, but it is no excuse to destroy the middle class, our youth’s opportunity to earn a living and learn from their first job, and small businesses with massive wage inflation forced by many of our elected politicians whose only expertise is running their mouths and pandering to emotional tyranny. For those politicians who do not know what they are doing, The APA or American Psychological Association and Author Vincent Waldron defines emotional tyranny as suppressing moral emotions. A strategic ploy of an individual bent on acquiring or maintaining power. At other times it is a collective exercise, perpetrated by a cast of cooperating organization members. But emotional tyranny also emerges as an unintended consequence of organizational structures, values, and practices. Hmmm sounds like “Big Government” to me.

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